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Precaution onto LCD
1.¡¡¡¡¡¡Use a soft non-woven cloth, soak with isopropyl alcohol or petroleum benzene to clear LCD surface smoothly.
2. Do not rub, scratch or touch LCD surface with hard sharp material, or even fingertip, this will cause damage of polarizer.
3. Avoid grease, oil, fat, water or other liquid contamination onto LCD surface, this will cause deterioration of polarizer.
4. Do not touch the LCD surface with hands, face or any part of the body, this will cause display stained.
5. Do not bend, twist or drop the LCD, this will cause broken and mal-functioned.
1. Do not try to modify the patterned circuit and location of components on PCB.
2. Make sure you are grounded with anti-static equipment before connecting to input terminals.
3. Humidity of working environment must not be too dry, otherwise may occur generation of static charge.
4. Protect LCD surface with a cover sheet before feeding into soldering oven to avoid damage from flux spatters.¡¡Adjust soldering temperature and time maximum 250¡æ not exceed 5 seconds.

1. Keep storage temperature between 5¡æ to 35¡æ to prevent polarization degradation.
2. Keep storage LCD into a medium humidity environment, 40~60% of humidity is preferable.
3. Keep storage LCD in a clean and dark place, do not expose to sunlight or fluorescent lights directly.
4. Keep storage LCD into anti-static polyethylene bag and sealed before use.

1. Wash off the liquid crystal with acetone or ethanol and crush into small pieces before disposal the scrapped or unused LCD.
2. Immediately wash off the liquid crystal with soap and plenty of water thoroughly when the liquid crystal leaked from glass and tainted your skin or body, get to the nearest hospital if the situation is real serious.

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